Current Sermon Series

06/01 - 06/10

The Cross: What does the Bible say

Today we dive into the first part of "The Cross". We will be touching on muiltiple points about what the cross stand for, where it comes from, what it truly means, and how it has become a symbol of our religion.

This series will be divided up into 4 different parts:

  • Part 1: Where does the cross come from
  • Part 2: Why do we use the cross as a symbol?
  • Part 3: What does the cross stand for?
  • Part 4: Why we stand behind the cross

Previous Sermons


Family Ties

Last weeks sermons touches on the points of family unity. We chatted about the importance of family and where God stands on it. 


Spirtual Gifts

Join us as we talk about the many gifts God blesses us with. We dicuss how we use these gifts and what they were intended for. There are many spiritual gifts, which ones were you blessed with?



Join us as we discuss the important of fellowship. Why is that God calls us to engage in fellowship? What constitutes as fellowship? All these questions and more will be answered!

Sermon Archive

We believe in the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit

We believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross so that we may have everlasting life through him. 

Our Core Values

We believe that Jesus extends grace to everyone and that we should follow in his steps. Who are we to pass judgment and not extend grace, when we ourselves have sinned. We believe we should love the sinner, not banish them.

We believe that Jesus is central to everything. We believe that prayer is a direct line to God, and that we should speak to Him every chance we get. Worship is our chance to praise God and we take joy in doing so.

  • We preach to extend Grace
  • We worship hard and pray harder
  • We are a church without walls
  • It is our mission to reach the lost and broken
  • We value the Word, and plan to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ