Our Staff

John Johnson, Pastor

"It is my goal to preach the Word of God as best as I can"

Pastor John has a passion to lead and teach others. He came to us in 2012 with 5 years of lead pastor experience already under his belt. He is married and blessed with 3 healthy chidlren. If you see Pastor John outside of the church he will most likely be serving others wherever he may go.

David Austin, Associate Pastor

"I have a desire to serve others to the best of my ability" 

Pastor David is truly a man of God. He wakes up every morning with a fire in his heart and and a desire to serve others. He has been with the church for 4 years now and looks to serve he as long as possible. Outside of the church David loves Jazz music and spending time with his family.

Nathan Barnes, Youth Pastor

"I want to bless others the way I have been blessed"

Pastor Nathan is new to our ministry this year! He is excited to connect with the kids and serve in several other ministries. He comes to us by way of Flordia, and says he is absolutely not ready for the cold weather. He is excited to be able to serve and reach the youth of the community.

Samantha Bishop, College Ministry Leader

"Looking to better myself every single day through the grace of God"

Samantha is our College Ministry leader. She has been our leader for the past 2 years and loves connecting with all of the young adults. She has a heart for the age group and loves to see the potential in all of the people that she comes into contact with. If you know anything about Samantha, you would know she loves her coffee, and not to talk to her in the morning until she has had her first cup of joe.

Olivia Grosh, Women's Ministry Leader

"God has a plan for me and I plan to walk that path the best I can"

Olivia has been the Women's Ministry leader for the past 2 years. She loves the group and hopes that she can continue to add value to everyone in the group. If you ask anyone about Olivia you would get the same response from everyone. Olivia has a huge heart and loves to serve everyone she comes into contact with. 

Jo Ann Franklin, Secretary 

"My goal in life is to reach as many people as I can for Jesus"

Jo Ann has been the office manager for 3 years now. She has an odd obsession with organization, but we all love her for it. She is the glue that keeps us all on track moving in the right direction. Some of her passions outside of the church include hiking, camping, and photography.